An invitation from Conscious Retirement

Our invitation for you is …

To join the growing culture of people who are purposefully designing a Conscious Retirement through full-hearted reflection and awareness of the possibilities – both the bright and the dark. This work is resulting in informed and inspired 3rd Chapter lives, and is transforming the path of retirement.

Design and navigate your most successful retirement journey!

Retiring requires us to step away from our familiar and well-trodden path in favour of a new and somewhat unknown one.

To navigate new territory, we must first know where we are and have a sense of where we want to go. Even with the best map available, we do not know exactly what we will encounter along the way.

Conscious Retirement helps people create a personal compass to assist in successfully navigating the territory they will discover on their journey.

Now is the chance of a lifetime to dream big, try a new path.
You might stumble a bit – then create the trajectory of the rest of your life.

As with everything else they have encountered, Boomers are changing the experience of retirement. Rather than following in the footsteps of prior generations, many are creating personalized plans that will allow for a more conscious approach to their 3rd Chapter of life as well as changing what will be available to future generations. A successful retirement is about so much more than being able to finance what could be 25+ years.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey.


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